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Improve your energy, mood, and overall wellbeing with individual guidance for health optimisation by Nassia, a qualified registered nutritional therapist in Central London. Through a comprehensive exploration of your health, history and habits, I will gain a deep understanding of your present and guide you towards your future goals through achievable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Step 1

Before your nutritional therapy consultation you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire which includes a 3-day food and activity diary. This needs to be completed at least 5 days in advance to allow for research and detailed understanding in order to make our time together as productive as possible.

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Step 2

The initial consultation is online and can take up to 90 minutes. We will talk through your presenting issues, goals and history where relevant. You will receive a personal detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan. You may also receive a supplement plan (with discount 20%) as well as a recommendation for functional testing if applicable.

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Step 3

Your follow-up consultations will be 4-5 weeks apart , will last up to 45 minutes and will include a review of the previous plan, an enhancement of the plan if needed as well as test results where applicable.

For further information or to find out if this is right for you:

Nassia for Nutrition

About Nassia for Nutrition

I’m a London-based registered nutritional therapy practitioner who supports women’s wellbeing with honest, practical advice on nutrition and lifestyle. After leaving my career in the City as a Risk Manager to raise my three children, I began to further understand how good fitness and nutrition enhance mood and wellbeing.

I received a diploma from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition after four years of study, driven by a passion to help other busy women who barely have time to look after themselves. I always aim to empower the women I work with through calm, balanced and realistic advice you can adapt into your life.

Services by Nassia for Nutrition


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Nutrition Support & Guidance

Through a series of one-to-one consultations, whether you’re suffering from IBS, an autoimmune disorder or simply desire a holistic approach to your health, I will tailor a personal nutrition programme to your needs and concerns. The programme will either be nutrition and lifestyle-based or might also include supplements or testing.

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Nutrition for Weight Management

Your nutrition needs are unique and there may be many factors that contribute to your weight fluctuations. After using an evidence-based approach to assess your specific concerns, I will empower you to adopt health-promoting habits that enhance your wellbeing.
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Nutrition for Perimenopause & Menopause

During different stages of life, you may find that you experience a variety of physical and mental changes due to hormonal transition. I can help tweak your nutritional, lifestyle and exercise habits to support potential nutrient depletion, building the foundations for a healthy future.

Expert Nutritional Advice Can Change Your Life

Are you feeling bloated, exhausted, overwhelmed, or not feeling like yourself anymore?

You don’t have to put up with it. You can regain control of how you feel through a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that I will create for you.

Do you struggle with digestive issues?

Disruption to your digestive system can have wide-ranging effects throughout the body. I’ll create an individualised programme that includes your diet, movement, and stress management and advise if extra testing is needed.

Do cravings control your eating habits?

Food and mood are directly linked. If your mood and energy are low, I can help you take control with practical tips to live and feel better.

Are your hormones affecting your wellbeing?

Your mood and energy can be significantly impacted by any hormonal imbalance during your life. I can advise you on how to manage your blood sugar, support your gut health and liver function to optimise your health.

“Nassia is very knowledgeable and has a caring approach that makes her very pleasant to work with…. She helped me re-establish a healthier relationship with food. I fully recommend working with her.”

Katerina T., London

“Nassia guided me patiently through a low FODMAP diet and helped improve my digestive issues. Her endless tips and ideas helped me adopt long-term habits that have left me feeling better since.”

Dora P., London

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